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The Problem with Modern Day Prophets

I read in the news the other day that Pat Robertson made the following statement: "If I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms," Robertson said May 8. Wednesday, he added, "there well may be something as bad as a tsunami in the Pacific Northwest." (,2933,195931,00.html)We have to ask ourselves is God really speaking to this man? Look at the example of the prophets in the Bible. Did any of them ever doubt that they heard God right? Do they ever give any indication that they could be mistaken? No. In fact we are told that if a prophet speaks something that does not come to pass then we know that God did not speak through that person at all (Deut. 18:22) . The prophets who did speak for the Lord declared His word boldly by saying “The Lord said!” There was no doubt, no reservation, and certainly no question about whether or not they got it right. The Lord spoke and they told us exactly wha…

Recent Archeological Finds

This past weekend I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend the St. Louis Conference on Biblical Discernment put on by Personal Freedom Outreach. During one of the plenary sessions, Dr. Paul L. Maier gave a lecture entitled, “Archaeology and Apologetics: Digging for Truth.“ During this session he pointed out many recent archaeological discoveries that provide strong evidence of Biblical events, people and places. I thought I would share some of the recent discoveries that Dr. Maier brought to our attention and offer links from unbiased sources to prove their validity. I was fascinated to hear that these discoveries were made in the last 10 months and I had heard nothing about them! We pray that you will find this information useful as well. Palace of King David Discovered! (August 2005) Reported by Science Daily
JERUSALEM, Aug. 5 2005 (UPI) -- An Israeli archaeologist says she has uncovered in East Jerusalem what might be the palace of the biblical Old Testame…