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Why So Many Denominations?

In this world there are literally thousands of different denominations and religions and within those there are sometimes hundreds of different sects. Here at Guided By Truth we are often asked why we believe that our set of views are right. This is a good question, especially since there are so many differing ideas. While it may seem overwhelming to determine what is true and what is false, we believe that it is possible to find the truth in the Bible. People choose their religion for different reasons. Some people desire to find acceptance in society, so their ambition to identify with a certain system of beliefs is sometimes a reflection of their quest to find that acceptance. Others may choose a religion that is unorthodox merely because it appeals to their desire to be “different”. Still others might choose a more popular religion so that they will easily fit in because they find comfort in the concept of a majority. Many people today are converting to Islam becau…