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False Prophet Exposed - Pat Robertson

Back in May we did an article entitled “The Problem with Modern Day Prophets” where we noted a prediction made by televangelist Pat Robertson. We were getting ready to head into the hurricane season and scientists were pretty certain that this season was supposed to be worse than the last (which was the season of Hurricane Katrina). Well, we are now at the end of that season and scientists have proven once again, they cannot predict the weather. Pat Robertson also made an attempt to predict the weather, but claimed his prediction was something that God had told him. Since Pat Robertson claims to be speaking for God when he gets “words of knowledge” and predictions such as his one from last May, we think it is essential that we test his statements against God's Word and determine once and for all if this man is or is not speaking on behalf of God. Let us look again at what Pat Robertson said: "If I heard the Lord right about 2006, the coasts of America will be las…