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The Witch of Endor

The other day, I was listening to a Christian Radio show when a gentlemen called-in and asked the host questions about 1 Samuel 28. This chapter contains the factual story known as The Witch of Endor - when King Saul sought the assistance of an evil medium or spiritualist. The host of the radio show really stumbled through the caller's question and admitted to being uncertain as to what this chapter entails. Personally, I can empathize with the caller and the host. This has always been a challenging passage to understand in light of the entire teachings in the Bible. The caller was asking about this passage because of the implications of what it could ultimately mean, that is, can a person who has clearly died come back from the dead? I was somewhat disappointed in the response the host gave because he simply steered away from the text. I want to examine 1 Samuel 28 and attempt to answer some questions people have on this topic. First, let us look at the context of t…