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Predestination According to the Scripture

In recent conversations about the topic of predestination we have encountered people who are confused about how to reconcile the doctrine of free will with what the Bible says about predestination. This confusion stems from the fact that people assume that because the word predestination appears in the Bible it must, then, be speaking about the “doctrine” of predestination as defined by Calvinism. This simply is not the case. The Bible does use the word predestination, but look carefully at how it is used. The Scriptures never teach that we were predestined to heaven, hell or even to certain actions. When reading the Scriptures you will find that the word to (or other similar indicators) usually follows the word predestination and it is there to explain exactly how and why we were predestined. Those who are saved were predestined, not to salvation, but to certain rights and privileges. Lets take a closer look at these passages: Rom 8:29 For those God foreknew he also pred…