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Knowledge Has Not Ceased

An argument often used against the doctrine of the cessation of the gifts is that the passage that says tongues will cease also says that prophecy and knowledge will pass away. They state then that since knowledge has not ceased to exist, the rest of the gifts must also still be available. The error in their reasoning comes from their inability to make the distinction between the gift of knowledge and knowledge itself. It is obvious from Scripture that the gift of knowledge is not required to gain all knowledge. Let us look at Scripture to see how this gift was something distinctly different than the ability to access knowledge under normal circumstances. The first point we should make note of is that the gift of knowledge did not become available until the day of Pentecost in Acts. Each one of the spiritual gifts were a unique ability first given to the apostles when they were baptized with the Holy Spirit as recorded in Acts chapter 2. Until this time, no one had been …