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Positive Confession - Can we will things into existence?

There are churches today that teach that if you speak of something as if it is truth it will become truth. If you are sick the solution is to “say” that you are well and you will become well. They teach that the Lord wants to bless us with material blessings but we must first claim our wealth by speaking it and we will then become wealthy. We must name what we want and claim it and then it will be ours. Joyce Meyer even has a list of about 70 confessions that she confesses over her own life and recommends that others do the same. This list includes "I am rich - very rich," "My car is paid for," and "pain cannot successfully come against my body."Where do such teachings as these come from and is it possible that if we confess these things they will become true? They claim these things are based upon Scripture, but that is not true. What they do is take Scripture out of context, insert meanings beyond what that Scripture intended, and th…