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Divine Healing is About Spiritual Healing, Not Physical

The revival at Lakeland led by former pastor Todd Bentley has been the latest so-called divine healing revival and its popularity has been tremendous. The heresy for which Todd Bentley is preaching is even more extreme than that of Benny Hinn and other false faith healers. He not only causes these people to fall down with force but he physically injures them on purpose. He kicks and punches these sick people and tells them he did so because "he had to be obedient to the Lord.' He claims that sometimes cancer has to be physically driven out by kicking a man in the stomach. Please tell me which Scriptures show any physical pain being imparted upon those being healed before they were able to be healed? Christ made people whole, he did not impart physical pain upon them to do so. The sad part is that the man who has stage four colon cancer and was kicked in the gut by Todd Bentley still has stage four colon cancer. There is no evidence that any of these peop…