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Living By What Seems Right

Prov 21:2All a man's ways seem right to him, but the LORD weighs the heart. What exactly does it mean to live by what seems right? This passage is not speaking about our conscience that we have all been created with, but living in a way that is based upon a feeling of what may seem to be the right way to a man. People live their entire lives by following what only seems to be right to them and they base their whole philosophy on spiritual matters, including the eternal afterlife, on that. Recently I was listening to a Christian radio show where they were discussing the evidence against the Mormon religion and the sources the Mormon religion uses such as The Book of Mormon and The Pearl of Great Price. Anyone who researches the validity of these sources will find that the evidence overwhelmingly proves that they are false and are in opposition to the Bible. In just this one short radio program they were able to expose many problems with The Pearl of Great Price. Some …