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Treating God's Word with Contempt

1 Thess 5:20 do not treat prophecies with contempt .
NIVContempt. Let us consider what this word really means. I heard a sermon recently that really drove this point home. The context in which I usually hear the word contempt is in reference to a court room situation. Like in the movies, we envision a judge threatening to hold someone in contempt of court for not following the procedures of a trial. Let us examine what contempt of court is.A man in prison was once released on parole with the condition that he must meet with his parole officer at specified times. The parolee visited the officer once and felt it a burden so he never returned for any of his follow up appointments. The time for him to appear again before the judge arrived, however, the parole officer notified the judge that this man had never kept his appointments. Instead of freeing the man the judge scolded him for not obeying his command and ordered him to go and see his parole officer tha…