Calvinism: The Theology - Examines the five points of Calvinism (TULIP) by addressing some of the key Scripture passages on the subject. Reveals how God's soveriegnty and justice stand equally alongside of his mercy, love and grace.

Calvinism & John 3:16 - A close look at this passage reveals that Christ did indeed love the world and died to save it.

Condemned For Unbelief - Calvnists claim that God is just to predestine people to hell because those people are merely left in their original sins, yet the bible tells us that men are not just left in their sin but that they are condemned for their unbelief.

Predestination According to Scripture - While it is true that the Bible says we are predestined, to what are we predetermined to be destined to? The Bible never says anyone is predestined to hell. Looking at these passaes in context reveal the true meaning of this doctrine.

Unlimited Atonement - Reveals how the false doctrine of limited atonement stems from a misunderstanding of the gospel message and what it is that saves us.