Anathemas of the Catholic Church - While endeavoring in our mission to expose the false teachings of the Catholic Church we feel it is imperative that people see that this discussion is not merely one sided. The Catholic Church has already condemned anyone who disagrees with her and they are dishonest to act as if they are trying to reconcile other faiths to itself. This document reveals that anyone who disagrees with their doctrine is considered "anathema" which means to be "eternally condemned."

Baptism - An explanation as to why Baptism is not necessary for salvation which the Catholic Church claims is an essential part of being saved.

Catholic Authority - The Catholic view of Scripture, Tradition, and the Magesterium of the Church reveals that their final authority is not God, but their own organization. This allows them to interpret God's Word, not in light of what it says, but in light of what the Church wants it to mean.

Catholicism - Pope Benedict Confirms Nothing Has Changed - When Pope Benedict XVI released his document "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith" he has shown that nothing has changed. The Catholic church still considers those who oppose her teachings anathema (eternally condemned).

Eternal Security - Reveals how salvation is eternal and that it can not be lost which is in opposition to the Catholic teaching that salvation is not only earned but can be lost.

Grace as Defined by the Catholic Church - Comparing how grace is defined in Scripture with the use of the term in Catholicism reveals that the Catholic Church not only teaches a false grace, but a false gospel.

Mary - Comparing Catholic Teaching to Scripture - Is the Catholic Church's teaching on Mary compatible with the Scripture? Look at this side by side comparison of their doctrine with Scripture and judge for yourself.

Not By Works - Explains how salvation is not by works in spite of the fact that the Catholic Church and others teach that works are required for it.

Peter - Was He the First Pope? - Catholicism teaches that the papal line can be traced back to Peter but a close look at Scripture shows that no one in the New Testament era looked upon Peter in such a capacity.