Another Jesus - The Bible warns us that there will be people preaching another Jesus than the one we learn of in the Bible. The Mormons and others believe in just that, another Jesus. We should heed Paul's warning and have nothing to do with such heresy.

Badly Mistaken - Jesus points out that we are in error because we do not know the Scripture.

By Their Fruit - This article reminds us that it is by their fruit, not their gifts, that we can recognize true Christian leaders.

Christian Defined Biblically - Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is one. This reminds us that we are not to accept everyone who calls themselves a Christian but must beware of those masquerading as servants of Christ.

Don't Go There - A response for those who say we should not discuss our beliefs so we can avoid controversy.

False Prophet Exposed - Pat Robertson - A follow up to our article in May titled The Problem With Modern Day Prophets, which dealt with a message Pat Robertson claimed to have from God. His so-called prophecy never came to pass which reveals the fact that he is a false prophet.

False Teachers - The Bible warns us that there will be false teachers among us and that they will be condemned for what they do. We must not let this warning fall on deaf ears but learn to be diligent in avoiding and exposing false teachers in the church.

Guide Me - While we are supposed to bewared of false teachers, we can also find some very good ones. This simply reminds us that while we must be vigilant in avoiding false teachers we should seek and enjoy learning from those whom teach truth.

History and It's Relevance to Understanding Scripture - A look at how ignoring the historical context and evidence often causes us to close our eyes to the possibilities of truth. While the bible alone is sufficient it is not wrong to look at the historical aspect of a teaching to see if has evolved beyond what the Bible intended it to.

How to be Guided by Truth - A few steps to take to make sure that you are looking for and following the truth of the Bible.

I Tell You The Truth - A look at the significance of truth by focusing on how Jesus emphasized its importance in his ministry.

Impersonators - A message to warn people of counterfeit teachers within the church. In order to recognize the impersonators, we must be familiar with the real thing.

Living By What Seems Right - With the heart of the psalmist we look at how the ways of a man's heart may seem right but in the end it can lead to death. Only God's Word can be trusted to guide us.

Oprah Winfrey On Belief - Shares the heretical teaching about belief in God that Oprah is propagating as she and Eckhart Tolley discuss his book.

Religion, Traditions, and Our Need For a Savior - Religion and traditions are not going to save you. We need to make sure we believe in Jesus as taught in the Scripture rather than relying on the teachings of man.

Test Everything - Rodney Howard-Browne - In one devotional Rodney Howard Browne blatantly contradicts Scripture by discouraging people from testing their experiences and feelings. We must remember that the bible warns us to test all things.

Who Do we Trust? - With so many false teachings out there many people often wonder who they can trust. What we must remember is that the Bible must be the foundation for testing all things.

Whom Do We Believe - While many leaders and churches are claiming they alone hold the ability to interpret God's Word, we must only follow those whose teachings are clearly supported by it. No part of Scripture is open to any churches private interpretation of it for every believer has the ability to understand its teaching.

Why So Many Different Denominations? - Different denominations do not stem from an inability to interpret God's Word but an unwillingness to do so correctly. There is but one truth and we must be vigilant to search it out.