General Topics

Conversations About Theology - Many feel we should not discuss theology and avoid controversy, but the Bible tells us to share the truth, but to do it in love. The Bible offers much insight into not only what to share, but how to share it.

Demons - The soul of man is not up for grabs. Satan is not in a battle to try to win your soul for himself. The destiny of the soul of man lies only with God, and Satan will never have dominion over any of them.

Following Your Heart - The world tells us to follow our hearts and even some churches teach that God tugs on our heartstrings to guide and direct our lives, but the Bible tells us not to trust our hearts and instead follow God's Word.

God Created - Looking at the evidences that prove this most profound and revealing statement of Scripture: God created the heavens and the earth.

God Loves Me - God wants us to know and be rest assured that He loves us.

Love One Another - The worldly definition of love is to not speak anything that offends someone else but the Bible reveals that it is practicing love to correct someone and speak the truth.

Parental Rights In America - An article about how parental rights are under attack and what you can do to help protect them.

The Rapture - Answering the question about which comes first the rapture or the tribulation.

Recent Archaeological Finds - Some recent archaeological finds pointed out by Dr. Paul Maier in a lecture during PFO's Biblical Discernment Conference.

Trust in the Lord - A simple reminder that we are trust in the Lord rather than let worry over come us.

The Truth is Obtainable - Many go through life thinking truth is illusive and something we can never know, and therefore many Christians think that we should not let doctinal differences divide us. However, the Bible not only admonishes us to seek the truth, it assures us we will find it.

The Witch of Endor - A discussion about Saul's use of a medium to raise Samuel from the dead and its implication on whether or not this is something that spiritualists are engaging in today.

What Must We Believe to be Saved? - The Bible tells us that if we believe we are saved, but we must also understand what we are supposed to believe in. Belief in merely the existence of Christ is not enough.