Other Ministries
The Berean Call - A well seasoned and respected bible expositor and author as well as wonderful biblical apologist, Dave Hunt. Hear his broadcast via real audio as he teaches from Bible passages, answers tough questions, and has facts about current events from the Biblical perspective.
Christian Apologetics & Resource Ministry (CARM) - CARM is an apologetics organization whose purpose is to equip Christians with good information on doctrine, various religious groups (Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.), cults, Evolution, New Age, and related subjects. They are an excellent resource for the cults and cover many organizations we have not yet had time to cover here. While we appreciate and recommend their site for good, solid information on the cults, do be aware that they do hold to a Cavinistic view that we are not in agreement with.
Living Waters Evangelism Resources - This is a tremendous resource for those who would like to learn more about evangelism. This is a ministry, directed by Ray Comfort, that shows us that the Law is the schoolmaster (or teacher) that leads us to Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:24-25). As Christians we are not under the Law but under grace, however, we can use the Law to show others that we are guilty of sin before God. There are many good resources that help us to learn how to overcome the many objections that people have.
Parental Rights - A site dedicated to protecting parental rights by promoting the Parental Rights Amendment.

Reasoning from the Scriptures - A teaching and resource ministry that specializes in Apologetics, with a special focus on the world of the cults. This ministry produces concise materials that enable Christians to defend their faith.
The Way of the Master - This website/ministry is directly linked with Living Waters. Ray Comfort joins Kirk Cameron in sharing the gospel with others. You can watch online videos that help teach about evangelism. Then see how they use the resources of the Living Waters ministry in real life as they hit the streets and share the truth of the Bible with the lost. They also share how the evidences for Christianity can be used to lead others to a relationship with our God. If you have high speed internet connection this is a must see website as it is very well put together.
Creation Science
Answers in Genesis(AIG) - An apologetics website for a young earth creationist point of view. Many articles, videos, and online features available. They also have opened the "Creation Museum" which offers a true look at history from a biblical perspective.
The Institute for Creation Research (ICR) - This is one of the most respectful and intellectual Christian science organizations. Many great young earth scientist's articles and research information is right here for you to read.
Psychology Links - A compilation of links to other sites that offer information from professionals and others who support our belief that the Bible alone is sufficient to heal the mind and has no place in the church of God. It also includes a few non-Christian resources that speak out about the use of medications to treat these conditions.

Bible Study Resources
Bible Gateway - An excellent site to look up scripture online. They have the Bible available in over 30 languages and offer 15 English versions of the Bible. You can search by verse or keywords and their advance search offers even more options.
Crosswalk Bible Study Tools - Crosswalk offers a variety of Bible study tools such as an Interlinear Bible, lexicons, commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, encyclopedias, and more. Although I disagree with some of their theology, their tools are awesome and I appreciate their availability.
The NET Bible - The New English Translation of the Bible in which the translators not only make available for viewing on the Internet, but also for free downloading and use by everyone, worldwide, for free, forever. Their commitment to accuracy and accessibility make this a study tool worth using. - Providing Christian audio content enabling us to have access to Christian programs and sermons any time free of charge.

Christian Search Engines - "The mission of is to provide God-honoring, Biblically-based, and theologically-sound Christian search engine results in a highly accurate and well-organized format."