Another Jesus - The Bible warns us that there will be people preaching another Jesus than the one we learn of in the Bible. The Mormons and others believe in just that, another Jesus. We should heed Paul's warning and have nothing to do with such herecy.

Mormon View of The Holy Bible - Since God's Word is the basis of Christianity we must look and see what groups who claim to be Christian believe about this sacred book. Many are shocked to learn that the Mormons teach the Bible is inaccurate and not to be trusted.

Mormon's Heavenly Father - Mormons do not believe in God as taught about in the Holy Scripture. When they speak of their heavenly father, they have an entirely different god in mind than the one we read of in the Bible. Here we compare the two teachings side by side to demonstrate the grave differences between them.

Mormon View of Jesus - Is Jesus the brother of Satan? Was he man just like we are? Can we one day become a God like him? Mormons would answer yes to those questions. When we compare Scripture to the Mormon teaching we see they do not believe in the same Jesus that Christians do.