Oneness Pentecostals

60 Oneness Questions Answered - A rebuttal to the 60 questions that have been circulated that supposedly prove the Oneness doctrine. Answering these questions fairly and honestly brings the reader to an entirely different conclusion on this doctrine.

Baptism - A look at baptism in its proper biblical perspective and examining such passages as Acts 2:38, 1 Peter 3:21, John 3:5, and others in their context reveals that baptism is not required for salvation.

Charismatics / Pentecostals - Since many Oneness doctrine believers are Pentecostals you should seek this section if you are wanting information regarding their false teachings about the Spiritual gifts, Holy Spirit baptism, and other Pentecostal related topics.

Eternal Security of the Believer - Refuting the false claim of that our salvation is not eternal and is dependent, not upon Christ's finished work on the cross, but our own works and behavior.

Not By Works - Examines how any work, including baptism, are not required for salvation.

The Trinity - Explains the doctrine of the trinity revealing how God does exist in three persons but is yet still one in being and examines some of the misconceptions and erroneous beliefs of the Oneness theology.

Water Baptism Is Not Part of Salvation - Examines salvation to prove that water baptism is not a requirement for it.