Alcoholics Anonymous (12 Step Programs) - AA claims that you will always be an acoholic, that the condition is an illness, and that any higher power will suffice in helping you get better wich contradicts the the Biblical teaching that alcoholism is a sin not a sickness and is something that the true God can completely deliver man from. These truths among others are exposed to reveal that AA is not the proper way to overcome your battle with alcohol.

Depression - Is It a Disease? - A quick look at some passages that reveal depression is a problem with the heart, not the brain and reminds us that Jesus offers peace and rest to those who trust in Him.

How To Experience Peace - The Bible does more than speak about peace, but we actually have to put into practice what it teaches us. Here we take a look at a few of the passages that tell us how to experience peace of God.

Mental Illness: Is it physical or emotional? - Is Mental Illness caused by something physically happening in your body, or is it an emotional or behavioral problem that needs to be addressed?

Peace - Putting it into Practice - The Bible speaks often about peace but how do we apply those teachings to our life and learn to experience the peace that God has promised? Believing in peace is vital to actually experiencing it.

Psychology (Science Fact or Science Fiction) - Psychologists, Psychiatrists and even doctors are now treating our behavior with drugs of all kinds. Is the use of these drugs based upon testable and treatable biological origins or are they medicating us based upon the theories of ungodly men? Psychology is not as scientific as they have led you to believe.

Psychology Links - Links to sites that offer information from professionals and others who support our belief that the Bible alone is sufficient to heal the mind and has no place in the church of God.

The Sick Need A Physician - When you look at the context of the passage where Jesus says the sick are need of a physician, it is clear this did not intend to include people with behavioral issues or what we call mental illnesses today. The sick need a physician but the mind is to be renewed by Christ.

Trust in the Lord - A simple reminder that we are trust in the Lord rather than let worry over come us.