Information on how to have eternal life through belief in Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures. For anyone who does not know Jesus it is our prayer that these resources will help you understand his offer of salvation to you. If you are saved, please feel free to use these resources to share this gift with others you know who are not saved.

Guided By Truth Resources

Do You Know What it Means to be Saved? - Before we get saved, we must first realize we have a problem that we need saving from. This article helps helps to explain that we are sinful and in need for a savior.

Salvation Tract - A simple tract explaining the steps of salvation, that all have sinned and all are condemned but that Christ offered us spiritual life and those who believe can be assured of their eternal destiny.

Eternal Security of the Believer - An article explaining the doctrine of eternal security and sharing how the Bible teaches that we can know for certain that our salvation is eternal and can never be lost.

Other Resources - A gospel message offered by asking yourself some questions to determine whether or not you need God in your life. - A place for seekers to find the answers regarding Salvation and other questions.

Who Is Jesus Really? - A good site for questions and answers about Jesus.

Born Free - An interactive tract explaining the gospel message put out by People to People Ministries.