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Unplanned - Abortion viewed from both sides

Unplanned is the story of how Abby Johnson went from being the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic to an activist for the Pro-Life movement. Her story is a testament to the sanctity of life and the power of God.
One of the things I loved about her book is that it reminds us that not everyone on the other side of the issue is purposely evil or even anti-Christian. Believe it or not, there are Christian women who work in abortion clinics because they truly believe they are helping women. They have the correct motives, but the wrong information. That was Abby's story until God opened her eyes to the truth.
Abby's eyes were finally opened when she had to assist with an ultrasound guided abortion. When she saw that baby fight for it's life, it changed Abby's mind forever. However, looking back, Abby saw that God had been working in her life preparing her for that moment for many years. Now God is using her, to not only share the horrors of abortion with the world, b…