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Parental Rights Promotional Video

We have talked before about the attack of Parental Rights in America. We believe that God has called parents to raise their children and that the government should not interfere with that role. In fact, recently on Crossexamine (with Del Tackett, the host of the Truth Project) they had an excellent show explaining these roles and shared a frightening example of what happens when those worlds collide because they did not follow God's intent. The episode is titled Whose Children and I highly recommend you watch it. has recently released a promotional video promoting their solution to the threat against parental rights; the parental rights amendment. They are asking that we all help spread the word. So please, if you agree that parents have the right to raise their children according to their own beliefs, without government interference, and you agree that an amendment to the constitution is the only way to assure this right will not be taken away, then pass t…

The Truth Project

We began Guided By Truth because we were overwhelmed by the amount of false doctrine that has infiltrated the church. It became apparent to us that many Christians were confused about even basic doctrine. Therefore, when I heard about The Truth Project I was eager to participate and see if this was indeed a project that guides people into the truth of God's Word. I am very pleased to tell you that it does.

Even with our experience with people who believe in false doctrine, it was still shocking for us to learn from this project that only 4% of the general American population have a biblical worldview. What was even more shocking to learn was that among those who consider themselves to be "born-again believers" only 9% hold to a biblical worldview.

It is obvious that there is a lack of biblical knowledge in our country and The Truth Project is working to lead the church back to a correct biblical worldview. Led by Dr. Del Tackett, The Truth Project takes you through 13…