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GBT Will Not Use or Endorse NIV 2011

The NIV version of the bible was updated this year. Unfortunately part of the update included the use of gender neutral language. We have never considered gender neutral language as a legitimate method of translation. While the NIV 1984 version is still accurate, from this point on we will begin using different translations in our articles as we do not want people to confuse the endorsement of one NIV as an acceptance of the other. At this time we will not be going back to remove the use of the NIV 1984 in past articles, this will only affect future ones.

The Baptist Press reported that "Douglas Moo, chairman of the Committee on Bible Translation -- which translated the NIV 2011 -- previously told Baptist Press there was no agenda in the translation process other than to render a Bible into more contemporary language."

However, one needs to understand that the changes that are taking place in contemporary English are themselves, agenda driven. People are not changing…