Overruled is a 35 minute docudrama that examines real cases in American courts in which parental rights were denied to parents.

Can you imagine having your child taken from your custody simply because you make them attend church 3 times a week? One judge in America did just that. He ordered that their child (who had already been taken from their custody) not be returned to the home unless the parents agreed to only take him to church once a week! A JUDGE decided how much church was too much church! An AMERICAN judge had the power to make that decision!

And parents of kids in school, did you know that you are checking your parental rights at the school door? Want your child opted out of sex education that might conflict with your personal views? A parent in this video was arrested for trying to opt his child out and the school never consented to do so!

Or what about medical information for your child? Do you know that you must sign for permission for medical treatment for your child and even must pay for that treatment but unless the child gives you permission you do not have the right to see the results of tests from that treatment!? Parents in this movie were denied access to the results of a drug test given to their son because of the new HIPPA laws we now have in place.

These are REAL cases that have happened in US courts. In the country where we thought we had the right to raise our children according to our own values, how could this be possible?

Here is the trailer to the Overruled Docudrama (in case you don't have time to watch the full movie now) and below that is the full version of Overruled. Please, make sure you make the time to watch the entire movie when you have a chance. Then please share it with everyone you know! This information needs to get out! We need to fight for our rights before they are long gone! Also, be sure to "like" the videos (if you agree of course) or comment below them.

Official Overruled Trailer

Overruled 35 Minute Docudrama

Visit Overruled Movie or Parentalrights.org to learn more of how you can help to protect parental rights.