Bible Reading Plan

In order for a Christian to grow, regular bible reading needs to be a part of their every day life.  God has spoken to us through His Word so we need to be in it, seeking Him daily.  While we want to be diligent about studying God's Word we can not also get legalistic about it.  It needs to be more than something we do to fulfill an obligation or to check off our list.  One thing I have found to be of great benefit is the  There you can sign up for daily reading reminders to be sent directly to your email every day.  You can choose from many different bible versions and 13 different reading plans.

13 Bible reading plans:
Whole Bible in a year
Old Testament in a year
New Testament in a year
Old Testament in two years
Words of Jesus 4 times in a year
Whole Bible chronologically in a year
Whole Bible chronologically in a year #2
New Testament Letters 3 times in a year
New Testament & Proverbs twice, Psalms once in a year
New Testament & Psalms twice, rest of Bible once in a year
Proverbs in a month
Gospels in a month
Psalms in a month

People often claim that they don't have much time to read the bible, but did you realize you can read the entire New Testament in a year by only reading one chapter a day for 5 days a week?  That takes practically no time at all and to be honest does not God deserve our time above all else?

While the Bible Plan is good way to get a steady diet of the Word it is also important to study the Word in depth as well.  An excellent resource for people new to the Bible is the book Enjoy Your Bible by William MacDonald & Arthur Farstad.

As we enter the new year make a commitment to be in the daily reading, study and meditation of God's Word and devote yourself to prayer.  May the Lord bless you as you endeavor to be guided by His truth.