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The Bible Movie

I finally had an opportunity to sit down and view the latest attempt at using the media to share the message of God's Word via the big screen.  The Bible, which is playing on the History Channel this month, is a 10 hour docu-drama that follows the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  The media was bashing it because it teaches the creation and events in Genesis as real, rather than allegories.  Hearing the producers did that because they really wanted to stay true to the Scriptures I decided to go ahead and give the movie a try even though it was against my better judgment.

It was not long before I began to regret my decision.  They certainly were not successful at staying true to Scripture.  While some of the stories were accurate, enough error was blended it that it made it too difficult to watch.  I find it arrogant of writers, producers and actors to think they must sensationalize the Holy Word of God in order to get viewers.  If making money is your goal, then stay away from pr…