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If You Profess Christ Your Lifestyle Will Change

Everett asked:
I read your teaching on 1John1:9 It really makes sense, but I would like to ask a question? We know the bible says no liars, idolaters, slanderers or homosexuals will inherit the kingdom of God. Let\'s use homosexuals for my question since it is so socially excepted in this generation. If a homosexual excepts Christ genuinely by saving faith and is converted also recognizing that homosexualality is sin and agrees with God (1John 1:9) by confessing,but continues his lifestyle? Is he still go to heaven? The bible says no? According to guided by truth teaching on 1 John 1:9 would in not matter his lifestyle not change,but only confess agree with God that it is sin remaining in fellowship but not losing his salvation? Because of eternal security? 
There is a difference between someone struggling with sin and someone blatantly living in sin and refusing to call it for what it is.  The problem is that you are asking the wrong question.  The question shoul…