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Francis Chan Simple Truth About Baptism

Below is a video clip of Francis Chan trying to address the confusion about his teaching on the Holy Spirit and baptism. In it, he makes a several errors with this explanation of his exegesis of Acts 2:38.

His first mistake is on quoting only one scripture for his defense. Chan acts as if the only passage that discusses the issue is Acts 2:38. If that were true, it would indeed be simple. But it is not. Not only do other Scriptures address the same questions and events, the order and answer are not always the same. We will discuss that later.

The second mistake is making a straw man for his argument. He acts as if those who question the passage automatically assume that these events are somehow not important. He says he got questions that ask can you be a Christian without being baptized, repenting, or having the Holy Spirit? I actually know of very few denominations, if any, that teach you can be a Christian without having the Holy Spirit. In fact, even those who like us teach that…