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Changes to Guided By Truth

This blog was started as a website about 15 years ago. We were made of up 4  people who just wanted to share the truth about doctrines that have infiltrated the church and were not only causing division but sometimes offering a false salvation leaving many to perish. Eventually our lives just got busy and we could not keep up the posts but we wanted to keep the content up as we could see many were still visiting the site. We later made it into a blog so we could easily utilize ad-sense so it would at least supplement our contribution to the annual server and domain fees.

Unfortunately most of our contributors left the project completely and updates became non-existent. It is my hope that this year I can edit and update the content. The key factor that I want to convey when moving forward is the need to be respectful and gentle to those with whom we disagree. Not all doctrines are true but all people are made in the image of God and are therefore worthy of respect. We are also commanded…