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Baptismal Regeneration Explored

As we study the Bible concerning the subject of baptism, there are some points of consideration that we must make. To most of us, when we think of baptism we think of a pastor taking us to a body of water, perhaps a baptismal pool inside a church building, and immersing us into that water. Some imagine being sprinkled with water, yet others think of water being poured over their heads. Because of these varying ideas, it is important to explain some key points about what Scriptural baptism actually is. As we read the Bible and come to the word baptism we should not have a pre-conceived idea of what this actually entails. The word Baptism was not translated into the English language. It is the same word that was used in the original Greek. The translators of Scripture simply transliterated this word, meaning they left the word as it was in the original texts rather than translating it into English. The word baptism means to immerse and to identify. It does not always carr…